What do we mean?

Common terms and definitions used at the Chapel of Awareness:

Spiritual Teacher: A discarnate being (in spirit) who has dedicated him or her self to guiding and teaching an incarnate person for that persons lifetime.

The other side: Spirit side. The state of being we enter when our body gives up and ceases functioning. Not really a “place”, because there is no space or time on the other side.

Reincarnation: Each of us lives many lives sequentially. Each time we incarnate and are born, we have decided for ourselves what lessons we will work on in this particular lifetime. Our guardian angels would do what they can to preserve our life until we complete those lessons.

Discarnate: In spirit, without a physical body.

Spirit, Angel: A discarnate being (in spirit) in general.

Incarnate: Having a physical body.

Etheric Aura: The energy field created when a spirit incarnates. It matches the physical body in form.

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