Chapel of Awareness in Tucson

spiritual-tucsonBeginning Lectures at 5pm starting March 30.

Chapel of Awareness, Tucson, offers a service on Sunday Service at 4pm: Meditation, healing and spiritual messages.

Rev. Jim will give readings to anyone who donates $20 to the Chapel.

Our Mission
The purpose of the church is to teach everyone to reliably communicate with the other side, particularly their teachers, guardian angels, spirit healers. The church school helps students develop many psychic skills.

Rev. Jim McCaw, Pastor

Rev. Jim McCaw, Pastor


The Pastor of the Tucson church is Rev. Jim McCaw.

The Church offers a Sunday Service, starting at 4pm, providing healing, a talk, and messages.  Everyone who attends will receive a message.

Join our Beginning Lectures which start in 2014, Sundays after the service.



To read more about the Chapel of Awareness

This  book will tell you all about us:

In the Beginning, A Spiritualist’s Bible, Original Works of Rev. Eugene C. Larr,

ISBN: 978-1-60976-691-7.  Available on Amazon

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