Beginning Lecture Series

An Introduction to Your Psychic and Spiritual Development

This Lecture Series is offered in March and September

At the Chapel …

  • We appreciate that every individual is developing his or her spiritual and psychic awareness at a pace that is appropriate for them.
  • Each person is supported in developing their awareness and abilities in a non-competitive atmosphere of sharing and mutual trust and encouragement.
  • Classes are designed to enable students to explore and realize their potential through defined exercises, sharing, and keeping detailed notes to realize their progress.
  • Students are carefully supervised by teachers who have, themselves, demonstrated ability in the subject matter they teach.

This 11 Week Lecture Series Begins September 7, 2017


Today, with our growing awareness, we stand between the seen and the unseen. We the Ministers, Healers, and Teachers of the Chapel of Awareness are pleased to present this brief overview of the Chapel’s philosophy and classes:

Classes are offered at 7:00 PM. Doors open 30 minutes earlier.

Cost is $8.00 per class and the topics include:

  • General Introduction
  • Spiritual Law and Karma
  • Evolution
  • Vibrations
  • Duality of Man
  • Auras
  • Meditation
  • Healing
  • Mind of Man
  • Spiritual-Evolution – Reincarnation & Spirit Communication
  • Aports/Teleports & Next Steps

This series is for anyone interested in learning more about the various aspects of, and interrelationships between, the seen and unseen worlds. The Beginning Lecture Series is prerequisite to our Continuing Study Classes and the first step to becoming an Ordained Minister.

Join us for one lecture — or all of them! Click here to visit our Calendar for the latest Class Schedule.

Continuing Study:

Many individuals at the Chapel study simply for their own personal development with the goal of developing their abilities, sensitivities and awareness. This goal is extremely important for, in its achievement, the aware individual is thus better able to make specialized choices as to how he or she wishes to use their development.

Next Steps:

Whether you are interested in developing your abilities or are considering obtaining papers, completion of the Beginning Lecture Series is a prerequisite for on-going study and entry into intermediate and advanced class work at the Chapel.

As an on-going student, you will be required to maintain notebooks and learn mental control. This control will enable you to differentiate between what is psychic and what is not.

The psychic is very subtle, and through the process of learning to still one’s mind (meditation), you will learn to differentiate and control your sensitivity so as not to become deluded … to differentiate between thinking you experience psychically and knowing you do.


Some of our students desire to obtain papers in the ministry, healing, mediumship, speaking and teaching. The Chapel offers ordination and licensing in all these areas.

The Chapel of Awareness is an academic institution as well as a church, and is operated under the auspices of the Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church Corporation which is chartered in the State of California. All certificates and licenses are therefore recognized.

Visit this page for a list of Chapel Ordinations: Individuals Ordained at the Chapel of Awareness

      • General Intro & Spiritual Law/Karma

      • Evolution – Parts 1&2

      • Vibrations

      • Duality of Man

      • Auras

      • Meditation

      • Healing

      • Mind of Man

      • Spiritual-Evolution – Reincatrnation & Spirit communication

      • Aports/Teleports & Next Steps