Podcast: Learn To Drive

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Podcast: Simplicity & Spirituality

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Podcast: Life Purpose 101 by Rev Terry Hall

As this country reflects on the events of 9/11. There will be mourning, anger, regret expressed over these events. The slogan “Never Forget” will be bantered about. But from a personal, spiritual perspective, what lesson can we take away from those … [Read more...]

Podcast: Spiritual vs Religious — Part 1

Spiritual But Not Religious July 10, 2016 by Rev. Terry Hall A truth whose time has come 35 lives or so. Spirituality is evolutionary A process not an inspiration Mindfulness Mania Something that works, if given time … [Read more...]

Women Are Superior To Men Or Are They?

Since the dawn of mankind, men have dominated as leaders in the vast majority of cultures and societies. This leadership includes all areas where physical strength is important, including military leaders such as Generals, Shoguns, etc. There have … [Read more...]

Is Chapel A Religion or Philosophy?

A key American right is freedom of speech, and it is one of the traits that makes our country great. You are welcome to speak your mind, and you are obviously unafraid of controversy. Fearlessness allows us to encounter new situations, learn and grow … [Read more...]

Comparing Spirituality vs Religion

As a spiritualist minister serving a spiritual church in the North San Diego city of Encinitas, I am often asked about the difference between being spiritual and being religious. For me, the answer is a simple matter of responsibility. In most … [Read more...]