A Spiritualist’s View of the Day of the Dead

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Podcast: Spiritual vs Religious — Part 6

The Great Equalizer — Karma Part 6 of our Series Spiritual vs Religious - August 7 To date we've looked at: Spiritual but not religious The God myth Beyond Death Universal truth Evolution and Reincarnation Today – Karma your … [Read more...]

Podcast: Fear Less – Love More

Forgiveness: Learning to let go of the past. LEARNING TO LET GO Of the Past The dictionary defines “forgive” as “to cease resentment against; to pardon an offender.” Justinian: “Forgiveness, the art of when it is time to gather your wisdom … [Read more...]

Psychic Development – Introduction To Spiritualism Classes

Spiritual and Psychic Development Classes begin September 10 in Encinitas, details and per-registration below. The preregistration form is below. 10:00 AM (doors open at 9:30 AM). 7:00 PM (doors open at 6:30 PM). Click here for our … [Read more...]