Podcast: Just Add Spiritual Practice

You can have virtually anything in life you want, if you just add spiritual practice... Knowing vs Understanding vs Experiencing? Motivation vs Drudgery? Awareness, consciousness, mindfulness result from spiritual practice. But what … [Read more...]

The Chapel’s Way — Part 6

Total Absence of Delusion At The Chapel, we pay a lot of attention to practicing our meditation, ESP, and healing skills during the development of our awareness. You may wonder, " Awareness of what?" The answer is awareness of self, and we gain … [Read more...]

The Chapel’s Way — Part 3

Practice of skills... Reverend Larr would say: there is nothing students have to believe or have faith in when it comes to their Chapel studies. We show you how to do what we talk about; and once you learn to do it you will know, with certainty, if … [Read more...]

Measuring Spiritual Progress: 7 Questions To Ask Yourself

In my roles of Spiritualist Minister and Spiritual Coach, I am often asked, "Am I on my right spiritual path?" The short answer: Yes, you're still alive. Self-evaluation requires seeing yourself objectively. The best tool for … [Read more...]