Fall 2017 Beginning Lecture Series

Have you ever wanted to communicate with your Spirit Guides and Teachers? Do you want to learn ESP? We will teach you a powerful meditation technique that only takes 10 minutes, twice a day. Click here for the most up-to-date Class … [Read more...]

Hiking Cancer Book Signing & Readings Day

Join us Sunday, November 2 for a very special event. Chapel member and long time student is our guest lecturer for our 1st Sunday Readings Day. Patti released her book Hiking Cancer about her journey healing herself of Cancer while section hiking … [Read more...]

Spiritual & Psychic Readings, Counseling and Healing

Spiritual Readings Day Fundraiser and Private Psychic Readings. 1st Sunday Readings Day The Chapel of Awareness is the oldest continuously operating Spiritual and Psychic Development Schools in California. As such, we offer Spiritual and Psychic … [Read more...]

The Season – Summer 2013

The Spiritual pathway is a beautiful pathway to be on. Be strong within yourself. Touch into your divine power. Be that Warrior. As you learn and evolve along your Spiritual pathway. You can share this wisdom and knowledge with … [Read more...]

Readings Day May 5th

Join the Chapel of Awareness for a min-readings day Sunday, May 5 after our Sunday Service. We begin at 12:30 with registration at noon (subject to change based on the length of the Service.) Cost is $10 for $10 minute reading. You can sign up for … [Read more...]

Chapel of Awareness News

  What's Happening Mar 2 at 7:00 PM: Beginning Lecture Series - Our Beginning Lecture Series is the perfect introduction to The Chapel of Awareness, it's philosophy, and it's school.  If you are interested in learning more about us, … [Read more...]

Moibus Christmas 1997

Chapel of Awareness 25th Anniversary Christmas Mobius 1997 To Commemorate the 25th Christmas Eve at the Chapel of Awareness We are presenting this special edition of Mobius. All former and present Ministers and Healers have been invited … [Read more...]