Podcast: Just Add Spiritual Practice

You can have virtually anything in life you want, if you just add spiritual practice... Knowing vs Understanding vs Experiencing? Motivation vs Drudgery? Awareness, consciousness, mindfulness result from spiritual practice. But what … [Read more...]

The Chapel: A Spiritual Community for Spiritual People…

The Chapel's defines our ultimate goal as reaching "individual, personal spiritual perfection." Rev. Bradley's request asks that we be able to see what is beyond the delusions of the outward senses. The Chapel doesn't define what you have to … [Read more...]

Discussing the Giving & Receiving of Love

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Podcast: Love and Being Loved

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We offer our condolences for those affected by the Orlando, FL tragedy

The horrific act of violence in Orlando has left me deeply saddened and questioning "why do things like this happen?". It is hard not to judge people in events of this nature, and it is a struggle to create a spiritual context. However, a … [Read more...]

This Thing Called Love

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Podcast: Fear Less – Love More

Forgiveness: Learning to let go of the past. LEARNING TO LET GO Of the Past The dictionary defines “forgive” as “to cease resentment against; to pardon an offender.” Justinian: “Forgiveness, the art of when it is time to gather your wisdom … [Read more...]

Podcast: The Many Faces of Love by Rev Terry Hall

Is Love a verb, noun, adjective, adverb? All of the above? I love you. I'm in love. How much do you love me? To the moon and back?? … [Read more...]

In Search Of Heaven

How To Know Whether You're On Your Path? As Spiritual Mediums, we are often asked whether someone is on their path or not And this question is always asked with the gravest concern. The short answer is simple. If you're alive, you're on your path. … [Read more...]