Stop Putting Things Off That You Plan To Do. by Rev. Larr

Before you talk yourself out of doing something beautiful... Ask yourself. Why can't I do it right now. Stop deliberately talking yourself out of things Tomorrow may be too late Now is all there is. In our "Christian Nation" only … [Read more...]

That’s Not What Jesus Said. By Rev. Gene Larr

  Learn to be a medium and ask Jesus if he really said it Old Testament, too many things that are an abomination before God. Religion is meant to keep the power in the hands of the priesthood.     Red Riding Hood - Angry … [Read more...]

Podcast: Open Your Eyes That You May See

Man is evolving to homo novous - the totally aware human being when you shall walk the earth like gods. … [Read more...]

Podcast: Habits by Rev. Larr

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Podcast: Halloween 1976 by Rev. Gene Larr

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