Mind · Body · Spirit. Creating 3-Part Harmony by Rev Terry Hall

Mind · Body · Spirit.

  • We wander aimlessly as Spiritual Nomads through the Desert of life.
  • We seek something to end our suffering.
  • We under take this nomadic quest in a body, hardwired for survival
  • Biochemical animated robot
  • Run, Fight, or camouflage/hide.
  • Our Mind is the interpreter between the body and our Spirit (the never ending you.)
  • In-Time and On-Time we learn to venture within.

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Transcending Victim Mentality

  • We’re each born helpless.
  • Jim Carey – If you were rich, you’d quickly see that money isn’t the answer.
    $10,000,000 check to himself which he was paid for Mask.

A Message my Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling:

In matters of the heart we too often act as victims of another’s actions. It is best to remember who is responsible for your happiness. Start by simply being happy knowing that anyone who tramples your heart is not worthy of your affection.

Rev Terry Hall - Pastpr, Coach & Speaker

Rev Terry Hall – Minister, Coach & Speaker

Our Own Experience/Learning

  • Vicarious Spiritual Experiences is not being Spiritual.
  • Reading, taking classes or studying alone is not a Spiritual Experience.
  • Practice is the Practice.
  • Walking your path is the lesson.

A Message my Spirit Teacher, Tau Chuan Ling:

But alas you look so wide and far for answers so close to your heart. When in doubt look within, but do so after quieting your mind and emotions. For indeed once discerned, your heart song will never lead you astray. Learn it’s tune.

Becoming Self-Referential

  • Accept your path for where and what it is
  • Walking your journey seeing things as they really are.
  • Responding to what is and not you think is.
  • When confronted, seek answers within and trust them.

A Message my Spirit Teacher, Nathanial:

“Stop, drop and roll” is useful information in case of accidental fire. Stop, Be Still and Know is the psychic equivalent. Bringing awareness to your day-to-day living is a choice that will introduce you to the most magnificent person, YOU.

What is the point, the lesson to take away from today’s talk?

Very simply, everything you seek, want, desire can be found within you right now. To find it master the 3Rs: Right-Meditation. Right-Thought. Right-Action. You will find 3-Part Harmony between Mind · Body · Spirit. Which created harmony in every area of your life.



  1. Terry- You are a wonderful Rev. keep it up !

    • Thank you Jane. You’re wonderful your own self and your vote of confidence is greatly appreciated. I’m happy you’re part of our Chapel community. Warmly, Terry

  2. Michael Speth says:

    Hi Rev. Terry,
    Wow, I really received a great amount of enlightenment from this wonderful podcast!! I greatly feel that in time your podcasts will really expand the Chapel’s teachings into other countries. Therefore your podcasts will make the Chapel’s teachings much more known and popular all around our planet!!

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