The Chapel: A Spiritual Community for Spiritual People…

The Chapel's defines our ultimate goal as reaching "individual, personal spiritual perfection." Rev. Bradley's request asks that we be able to see what is beyond the delusions of the outward senses. The Chapel doesn't define what you have to … [Read more...]

Podcasts: Reverend Larr’s Sunday Talks

Listen to the Sunday talks of the Chapel's founder. Reverend Gene Larr. … [Read more...]

Video: Rev. Terry’s Chapel Update for August 2016

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K.I.S.S — Keeping It Simply Spiritual

As summer winds down, we approach the Introduction to Spiritualism (our school's beginning lectures). I cannot help but to appreciate, again, how simply elegant and workable The Chapel's philosophy is. During these classes, we lay down the … [Read more...]

The Weirdest Thing About Karma…

Mindfulness is both sowing and reaping, with thinking and self-awareness thrown in for good measure. There is a Zen poem that goes: Sow a thought and reap an act; Sow an act and reap a habit; Sow a habit, reap a character; Sow a character, … [Read more...]

Spiritual True North… it just feels different.

As many of you know, I offer a regular email which allows participating people to verify communication with one of their spirit teachers. It is pretty simple: I draw three esp cards, and send them out by email. You ask your teacher what the esp … [Read more...]

The Chapel’s Pathway — Part 7

Learning to live with your newly developed sensitivity… Reverend Larr's spiritual teacher, Reverend Bradley, created a request that we recite before our meditations at The Chapel. The essence of this simple yet profound saying is the promise of … [Read more...]

The Chapel’s Way — Part 6

Total Absence of Delusion At The Chapel, we pay a lot of attention to practicing our meditation, ESP, and healing skills during the development of our awareness. You may wonder, " Awareness of what?" The answer is awareness of self, and we gain … [Read more...]

The Chapel’s Way — Part 5

Observation of one’s true level… Practice literally makes perfect. You see, by mastering your psychic, mediumship and healing skills (to the point where you can display them on-command publicly) you have accomplished a great deal. Usually, we are … [Read more...]

The Chapel’s Way — Part 4

Display of skills... Where the rubber meets the road. Mastering our skills is a very private matter. It involves soul searching, reflection, insight, self-evaluation, discipline and great love. Initially, a person who masters their psychic skills … [Read more...]