Podcast: Easter Service 2017

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Readings Day

The first Sunday of every month, directly after the morning service. Who: The Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church in Encinitas, North San Diego County. What: Spiritual/Psychic Readings Day Fundraiser. When: The First Sunday each month from Noon … [Read more...]

Fall 2017 Beginning Lecture Series

Have you ever wanted to communicate with your Spirit Guides and Teachers? Do you want to learn ESP? We will teach you a powerful meditation technique that only takes 10 minutes, twice a day. Click here for the most up-to-date Class … [Read more...]

Chapel of Awareness in Tucson

Visit our website Click here to visit the Chapel of Awareness in Tucson.   … [Read more...]

Podcast: Your Future Starts Today

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Podcast: Just Add Spiritual Practice

You can have virtually anything in life you want, if you just add spiritual practice... Knowing vs Understanding vs Experiencing? Motivation vs Drudgery? Awareness, consciousness, mindfulness result from spiritual practice. But what … [Read more...]

A Spiritualist’s View of the Day of the Dead

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Podcast: How To Rediscover Your Mojo

Mojo: a power that may seem magical and that allows someone to be very effective, successful, etc. In the zone: From time-to-time we've all had times when things were easy, effortless. We experienced sex appeal, attractiveness, … [Read more...]

Podcast: Learn To Drive

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Podcast: Spiritual Tools That Help You Thrive

Spiritual Tools to Thrive in an Angry World October 9, 2016 Syria, The Philippines, Mass killings, Police involved shootings, Shooting of Law enforcement officers, Zika Virus, to Immunize of not, financial insecurity, children going to be hungry … [Read more...]