Podcast: Why are you here?

Bill Grove Learning your lessons on your pathway. … [Read more...]

Podcast: Will nuclear war destroy mankind?

Speaker: Don Miller Mankind must change the way it communicates in order to avoid destroying itself. Civilizations on other planets sometimes destroy themselves by using nuclear weapons. The solution is kindness. … [Read more...]

Readings Day

The first Sunday of every month, directly after the morning service. Who: The Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church in Encinitas, North San Diego County. What: Spiritual/Psychic Readings Day Fundraiser. When: The First Sunday each month from Noon … [Read more...]

Fall 2017 Beginning Lecture Series

Have you ever wanted to communicate with your Spirit Guides and Teachers? Do you want to learn ESP? We will teach you a powerful meditation technique that only takes 10 minutes, twice a day. Click here for the most up-to-date Class … [Read more...]

Chapel of Awareness in Tucson

Visit our website Click here to visit the Chapel of Awareness in Tucson.   … [Read more...]