Podcast: Passion!!!

Speaker: Meaghan Hammarsten Description: Passion gives us the gusto, and the pop fizz energy we need to pursue our dreams; but what do we do when we encounter someone who thinks our passions are silly?! … [Read more...]

Podcast: Your purpose for being here

Speaker: Bill Grove Description: Why you chose to incarnate now. … [Read more...]

Podcast: Happiness – Part II

Speaker: Francisco Fan Subject: Happiness - Part II Description: The way to happiness, what we know and how you can be it. … [Read more...]

Podcast: Being of service to others

Speaker: Meaghan Hammarsten Description: I have a servant's heart, that is why I'm here. Serving others. … [Read more...]

Pot Luck Sundays

Last Sunday of the Month. Come for fellowship and food!!! Bring a dish and/or drink to share. Or you can donate $5, if you can. After the service...from 12 noon to 2pm.   … [Read more...]

Podcast: The giving and receiving of Love

Speaker: Louise Morin Subject: my Lecture is on Love, The giving and receiving of Love. Description: The vibration of Love is the highest of all vibrations. … [Read more...]

Podcast: What is a marriage?

Speaker: Don Miller What is a marriage?   … [Read more...]

Podcast: Just Keep Swimming

Speaker: Meaghan Hammarsten Description: Just Keep Swimming...Just keep swimming...just keep swimming!!! Don't give up just keep going!!! … [Read more...]

Podcast: Mindfulness

Speaker: Bill Grove Description: Meditation is the nicest thing you can do for yourself. … [Read more...]

Podcast: Kindness

Speaker: Don Miller Kindness is the cure for almost all problems, especially violence poverty, and homelessness. … [Read more...]