Podcast: Your Future Starts Today

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Podcast: Simplicity & Spirituality

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Spiritual Success In Every Lifetime

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A Spiritualist Looks at Soul Mates

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Podcast: A Spiritual Quest by Rev Don Miller

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Podcast: A Spiritualist Looks at Lao Tzu

Gene Larr was the first of 3 men known as Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu not a name, means old man. All 3 taught stillness and kindness. 2nd and 3rd were like Lao Tzu. Quotes from Lao Tzu were added to or other 2 said similar things. Image of golden scroll, … [Read more...]

Does Meditation Prevent Alzheimer’s?

My paternal grandfather had Alzheimer’s and died when he was 86. He was a very intelligent man, obtaining an engineering master’s degree from Berkeley in the 1920’s. He worked for oil companies during the depression and then started his own company. … [Read more...]

Does Atlantis Exist?

Does Atlantis exist or has it ever existed? This is a difficult question because the answer is not a simple yes or no. To understand Atlantis, we need to look at the confusion over its existence, evolution, and how mankind’s thoughts and memories … [Read more...]

Our Guardian Angels Are a Source of Information Found Nowhere Else

One of my favorite things to do is ask my guardian angels, or spirit teachers, questions that can’t be answered anywhere else. I have asked hundreds of questions, ranging from the mundane, such as where my car is parked, to important questions, like … [Read more...]

Is Dowsing a Myth?

Many people believe that dowsing is quackery and there is no scientific proof that it works. Neverthless, dowsers or water witches have been plying their trade for thousands of years. The Greek historian Herodotus in 5900 BC described a man using a … [Read more...]