Podcast: Sunday Service March 19, 2017

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Fall 2017 Beginning Lecture Series

Have you ever wanted to communicate with your Spirit Guides and Teachers? Do you want to learn ESP? We will teach you a powerful meditation technique that only takes 10 minutes, twice a day. Click here for the most up-to-date Class … [Read more...]

Podcast: Sunday Service Nancy Suarez

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Podcast: Sunday Service Louise Morin

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Chapel of Awareness in Tucson

Visit our website Click here to visit the Chapel of Awareness in Tucson.   … [Read more...]

Podcast: Life Purpose 101 by Rev Terry Hall

As this country reflects on the events of 9/11. There will be mourning, anger, regret expressed over these events. The slogan “Never Forget” will be bantered about. But from a personal, spiritual perspective, what lesson can we take away from those … [Read more...]

Podcast: Spiritual vs Religious — Part 1

Spiritual But Not Religious July 10, 2016 by Rev. Terry Hall A truth whose time has come 35 lives or so. Spirituality is evolutionary A process not an inspiration Mindfulness Mania Something that works, if given time … [Read more...]

Podcast: You’re Doing It Wrong by Rev Terry Hall

Success: From a slightly different point of view. Someday when I'm rich, married, a parent, all grown up, smarter, I will then be able to do what I want to do. Travel, take time off, etc. We are here to learn the giving and receiving of love … [Read more...]

Orchestrating Change, Part Duex by Rev. Terry Hall

Orchestrating Change Part Duex (despite circumstances) May 29, 2016, Happy Memorial Day A moment of silence in memory of those who died in service of our country. Orchestrating Change arranging or directing the elements of (a situation) … [Read more...]

Podcast: A Spiritual Adventure by Rev Terry Hall

A Spiritual Adventure — Sunday Talk at the Chapel of Awareness. March 13, 2016 #SpiritShorts: Nathanial shares: Each sunrise begins a new day. Do you start each day newly? Terry's teacher Gene was fond of saying the only difference between a … [Read more...]