Podcast: Who Am I?

Speaker: Bill Grove Description: We are all told to be ourselves but who are we? … [Read more...]

Podcast: Pumpkin Spice Koolaid

Speaker: Meaghan Hammarsten Description: A new perspective on surviving the holidays … [Read more...]

Podcast: Archangels, the 9 we recognize here at Chapel

Speaker: Louise Morin Description: Archangels are beautiful spiritual beings, messenger Angels from God. … [Read more...]

Podcast: “Ghost Stories”

Speaker: Jeri Michaels Description: Have 'ghostly' experiences had an impact in your life?  Four 'ghost' stories that led to investigating personal spiritual development.   … [Read more...]

Podcast: Building Bridges From Here To There

Speaker: Suzy Sisler Description: "Love is the bridge between you and everything." Rumi   … [Read more...]

Podcast: Journey to America

Speaker: Don Miller Description: Privileged boy finds life difficult on his voyage to America, but his experiences change his view of life profoundly. … [Read more...]

Podcast: Life “Experiences” & “Lessons”

Speaker: Nell Smith Description: Appreciating the variety of life "lessons" we chose that helps build our capacity for giving and receiving love. Those lessons can be in small or large packages, and not easily understood when something like the Las … [Read more...]

Podcast: The Power of Intentions

Speaker: Louise Morin Description: Intentions are very powerful, as they put into action, any goal or desire you want to achieve. Intentions start the process moving. … [Read more...]

Podcast: Like Attracts Like

Speaker: Jeri Michaels What does Chapel mean by this often used phrase–like attracts like?  What does it mean in your everyday life? … [Read more...]

Podcast: Why are you here?

Speaker: Bill Grove Learning your lessons on your pathway. … [Read more...]