Podcast: Just Add Spiritual Practice

You can have virtually anything in life you want, if you just add spiritual practice…

Knowing vs Understanding vs Experiencing?

Motivation vs Drudgery?

Awareness, consciousness, mindfulness result from spiritual practice.

just add spiritual practice

But what is spiritual practice?

  • Meditate, concentrate, pray, visualize,
  • A process of self-discovery whereby we discover, experience and relate to our spiritual selves as our point of reference, our reality. Our spiritual selves are the perfect manifestations and projection of who we are. They are perfect, flawless, free of disharmony.
  • Starting where we are…

What is it you know?

  • Your name?
  • Your ABCs?
  • Where you are right now?
  • Who your are or did vote for?

How many words do you know?

  • By 4 we typically know about 5,000 words.
  • By 8 we know about 10,000 words.
  • As adults between 20 & 35,000 words…
  • Does knowing words and their definitions make you smart?
  • Is the acquisition of knowledge the path to happiness, enlightenment, health?

Imagine, seeing the a humming bird without ever having seen one before. Adventurers, explorers, discovers of new lands, new things, but with a focus on understanding and not exploitation, or conquering, acquisition…

We are spiritual explorers. We start with the world around us.

  • Seeing what we look at everyday.
  • Hearing the sounds around us.
  • Experiencing the input of all of our physical senses, here, now. What is really going on around you?

If we just add the habit of practice to our daily lives, starting with what we see, hear, feel, touch, taste, and experience the beautiful reality of our physical world and experience, we enhance the way we will experience its spiritual equivalent. We open our eyes and see. Our ears and hear. Our minds to experience, and our hearts to love.

3 Minute Enlightenment Visualization

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Feel your feet on the ground. See yourself walking in a garden. What plants are you seeing? Are any blossoming? Is there a fragrance? Is that fragrance attracting bees or humming birds? Is the sun warm? Is there a breeze blowing? How calm and relaxed are you surrounded by the life in this garden. Now see the beauty within. Experience the perfect spiritual you and allow that perfect you to become manifest in the physical you. Perfect, flawless, harmonious. And as the perfect spiritual you begins to shape the physical you in its perfection, realize that this simple daily practice is one way to change your life into the life of your creation, design, and choosing.

My highest blessings.


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