A Spiritualist’s View of the Day of the Dead

halloween and day of the dead from a spiritualist persepctive



  1. Tom Garlinghouse says:

    Hi Bill, fascinating lecture. Thanks for sharing this. I’m curious abut one thing, however. I wonder if you might explain in a little more detail the concept of, as you put it, “moving on” or “going on to continue one’s spiritual development.” I’ve heard this discussed before but am a little fuzzy on its meaning. I’m assuming you’re not equating “moving on” with achieving Nirvana, but with continuing to learn and evolve spiritually. Why, then, does this necessarily entail leaving the entities one has been involved with? Please help me understand this concept with greater clarity. Thanks!

    • Hi Tom,
      Thank you for your question. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I wasn’t aware there was a comment section at the end of our talks. “Moving on” does not necessarily mean leaving entities behind, however in some instances you or your entities are learning something very specific that involves a connection with you to accomplish a very specific thing for a specific time period. Once that is learned the next lesson may involve another set of circumstances. A very mundane example would be a relocation for a job that is a perfect fit and you are qualified for, however you must leave the state to another location to accomplish this job. Rest assured that many entities stay with you in and out of different lifetimes. As I said in my lecture you may have been their teacher while you were on Spirit side. This concept of a spiritual family can be quite comforting. I hope this helps Tom.

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