Podcast: Spiritual Tools That Help You Thrive

Spiritual Tools to Thrive in an Angry World
October 9, 2016

Syria, The Philippines, Mass killings, Police involved shootings, Shooting of Law enforcement officers, Zika Virus, to Immunize of not, financial insecurity, children going to be hungry (food insecurity,) the homeless.

spiritual tools that help you thrive

The Situation:
This life is a marathon in which we allocate our energy across 6 areas of concern:

  • Mental – Physical – Spiritual – Social – Wealth – Legacy
  • Born 1961 segregation, parents in 1939 their parents early 1900s
  • All in the south my dad on a kitchen table in Durant Mississippi my mom in the hospital in Memphis Tn the city where MLK was assassinated.
  • As the world occurs more and more dangerous. One of our biggest fears and concerns is security. Today we look at spiritual tools to cope with not only security, but also feeling happy, and to diminish anxiety to stay on purpose.

The Problem: Distraction.
Information is globally available. We are always connected. We are hyper-stimulated, almost all the time. More pings, more information, less nutrition, less exercise.

  • Disgust outrage grief is a distraction. Takes you away from life. While you’re thinking about injustices, perceived or real, life passes you by.
  • As I stop pointing fingers outside myself and accept full responsibility for my thoughts, emotions, actions, beliefs, I find the courage to be true to myself. Without guilt.

The Solution: We learn to adapt or suffer.

The Spiritual Tools are a simple set of Spiritual Laws and Practices

  1. Spiritual Laws (the framework.)
    1. Non Interference
    2. No Distractions
    3. Moderation
    4. Love, karma, responsibility
  2. Spiritual Practices (the path.)
    1. Concentration, Stillness, Visualization
    2. ESP, Intuition, Healing, & Mediumship (all verifiable)

The Results: Virtually Unlimited Energy

Being completely responsible for you true still level, and free of delusion,

  • We learn to be happier (manage and cope with stress.)
  • We learn to trust ourselves and others
  • We see the world is inherently a safe place.
  • We learn to control our minds to rid ourselves of chronic anxiety and depression.

With virtually unlimited energy we:

  • Mentally — Through regular spiritual practice we learn to see things as they really are, more importantly what power we have to make a change.
  • Physically — We start accepting our bodies, we nurture and nourish ourselves.
  • Spiritually — Living by Spiritual Laws we create do no harm to ourselves of others.
  • Socially — We accept, love and act compassionately to those we encounter on our paths.
  • Wealth — Our perspective changes and we see the wealth that surrounds us knowing that our needs will be met (financially, emotionally, relationally, spiritually.)
  • Legacy — We begin to see that our works, our legacy is a world that is a better place for our children’s grand children.

But what about the atrocities, horrors, violence, and anger that is this life we live?

  • As is says in the serenity prayer, we learn to accept those things we cannot change, have the courage to change those things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
  • We can each start with our votes. This is an election year. We elect our representatives from our local government to our national leaders. If you don’t like something in our system, educate yourself and start the process of change.

At the Chapel, elections are also upon us.

  • Changing our world starts with you changing yourself and taking the right actions that represent your ideals and values.
  • Most importantly, we each have to accept what we cannot change and change what we can. If you don’t like your options today, vote for the next best alternative and start looking toward the next elections. The best way to change your future is to create it and the best time to start is today!


  1. Hania Badura says:

    Thank you Rev Terry for all of Sundays recordings. I always enjoy listening to them, however procrastination didn’t let me write my comments so far.
    I am really impressed by your talk on Sunday Oct. 9th. I think that we create depression or anxiety so we cannot be in the present moment.
    ( we don’t allow ourselves to be in present moment)

    Hania Badura

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