Podcast: Getting Unstuck

Stuck is stuck

  • Lying on my back, dreading the next time I had to pee…
  • A plateau
  • Anchored in the past
  • I had the privilege to coach an olympic bronze medalist, looking for what’s next in life.
    • What can possibly be as fulfilling as walking into Olympic Stadium, hearing the national anthem, representing your country?
    • Or Standing to receive a bronze medal to represent your accomplishments.

Getting Unstuck for a life of freedom
Uncertain future

  • We often forget that we’re animals living in a spiritual world.
  • Air, water, food, shelter, or we die.
  • How we get these essentials isn’t clear cut.

You’re unique (finger print)

  • Tips, pointers, strategies, hacks, don’t work.
    • How many diet books, relationship books, leadership books
    • All how I did it not how you will do it books
    • They all point to the moon, none will have your experience the moon’s beauty.
  • Your individual, personal, spiritual awareness, answers, experience
    • You’ll have to write your book, how I did it.
  • We all mostly want to go to the same places.
    • Happy, healthy, financially with warm loving relationships.
    • We each have a unique vision of exactly what that looks like.
    • We each have unique paths to get there.

The 3Rs

  • Right meditation
    • Thunder of the mind
    • Discover who you are.
    • Deeply personal, individual, isolated.
  • Right thought
    • Knowing who you are
    • Responsible for everything you know about yourself
    • What’s your right next step?
  • Right action
    • Take the step.

But Life is a never ending marathon with countless steps many seemingly in opposite directions.

  • But a marathon is only 26.2 miles with a starting point and an ending point, with a clearly marked map.
  • In life we’re trailblazing our own path, going it alone, isolated, without a GPS.
  • Outside of sports and certain types of jobs, we don’t focus on results.
  • Goals, deadlines, consequences, training, practice, performance.
  • In life you can have virtually anything your want, with very few exceptions.
    • You can’t have everything (not enough time.)
    • Exceptions are somethings physical, mental, or circumstantial.
  • Once you decide what you want (the biggest problem for most of us.)
    • What’s your goal? Olympic Athlete
    • Which Sport? Jamaican Bob Sled Team
    • When’s your goal? 2020 Olympics.
    • Who’s your team? Coach? Training Partner’s?
  • Get busy with the 3Rs

Freedom is knowing the best next step to take (right action) and effortless taking it knowing your going to a destination of your choosing with the presence of mind (right meditation) to accept life’s circumstances (right thought) and adapt along the way.

Enjoy your journey!


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