Podcast: Meditation — The X-Factor

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  1. Francisco’s talk was excellent! It is one of the best Chapel lectures I’ve heard in a long time. He was humorous; he presented his ideas clearly; he presented Chapel philosophy well, and he shared just enough of his personal experiences in a casual, appealing way, to make it easy for the listener to relate to.

    Also, his Spirit Teacher’s message at the end was positive and encouraging. I’m glad he repeated it twice — it was worth the extra emphasis.

    I appreciate the length of the talk — twenty-plus minutes is perfect! He kept my attention and I received plenty of information without it dragging on. Thank you, Francisco, I’m looking forward to your next lecture!

  2. I loved it. Francisco was great! His talk is very inspiring. Brought back many memories of chapel and personal ones. Fantastic!
    Very happy with his achievements. It is truly like that. Life changes to the better when we still our minds. Very good example of Steve Job’s legacy. We should stribe to make meditation the most important part of our lives.
    Thanks you Francisco.
    Lots of love and light.
    Marina Bierle

  3. Luisa Liboni says:

    Francisco’s Talk is amazing, and fun! It motivates us to value the important things in life and find out who we really are. The examples are elucidating and make us understand the benefits of meditation.

    Thank you, Francisco.

    Luisa Liboni

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