I have a dream… by Rev Terry Hall

This past Monday we celebrated the birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as a national holiday. Looking back at the work Rev. King did, I can not help but be touched, moved and inspired by his ability to communicate a simple message whose time had come. While there isn’t equality in our Nation as yet, the seeds planted decades past are beginning to propagate our great Nation. We have a black President. Thank you Rev. King for your message of hope and inspiration.


A day or two later after MLK‘s birthday, I received the following communication through the Chapel’s website. As you read it, please know that this person’s comments reflect a Spiritual Injustice for us to address with our work at the Chapel.

Here is the email:

A few minutes ago, while doing a search at Google Images, I was astonished to see an image from your church with the words “Rest Assured-Evil Spirits Don’t Exist.” In many ways, you are very enlightened souls, realizing the truth of reincarnation and karma. You are missing a few big things though. The most important thing you are missing is the fact that Jesus Christ is Lord and will have a Second Coming and then begin His 1,000 Year Reign of the Earth. This is a fact not open to dispute.

The reason that I can state this as fact and not just my opinion is because I have been visited by both the Virgin Mary and numerous Angels, all imparting messages to me about the impending Parousia of Christ. If you think I am crazy then go jump in a lake! I do not have time for fools and closed minds. The Virgin Mary came to me and so did quite a few Angels. I would not have bothered to contact you just about this point, however. The main reason for my message is to let you know that YOU are 100% WRONG in stating that Evil Spirits don’t exist. How do I know this? Because I have been plagued and stalked by a Demon or Evil Spirit since January of 2015. This Entity torments me greatly by preventing me from sleeping. Here is what happens: Each night after I get into bed and start to fall asleep, this Entity is able to discharge Psychic Energy into my body, causing my arms and legs and head to jerk violently about, much like a puppet or marionette on a string. This can continue for hours unabated. Tonight is the second night in a row I have not been able to sleep for even a minute. I am going to attempt to take a nap in one of the comfortable, soft chairs at my local Library later this morning. The Demon or Evil Spirit is also able to project noises into my head.

If you think I am mentally ill, then I tell you again to jump in a lake, because I don’t have time for shallow minds, who are unable and unwilling to look past their own narrow paradigm. I do not mean to sound rude or offensive, but perhaps you too would not be in too good a mood if you had not slept for two nights and knew your tormentor was not going to leave you alone. Some theologians believe that Demons or Evil Spirits can be a Test from God, designed to draw us closer to Him. Others espouse the idea that these Beings feed off of a human beings negative energy. It is sort of odd in the sense that I have been promised True Love and Marriage to a wonderful woman by God Himself in my Dreams and Visions. God even sent a female Angel to tell me that I would not be alone much longer. I suspect that my Demon or Evil Spirit will be with me until the Return of Jesus, which the Virgin Mary has told me two different times, will occur during my lifetime. Have a nice day.

As I read this message, my heart broke, and I was overcome by frustration the likes of which I have not felt in years. My frustration was with the way Religion has created good and evil as a supernatural phenomenon that exists outside of one’s self and can harm them.

I too have a dream.

  • I have a dream that we can change the concept general concept of evil through Spiritual Education and Empowerment that helps people see evil for what it truly is.
  • I have a dream that people wake up to see that God is an abstraction and and not an all powerful entity controlling our destiny.
  • I have a dream that people see that life exists after death and that those who depart this physical world will never harm us. Ever!
  • I have a dream that we begin to understand that health and well-being begin within our minds which we can control so we exist in physical harmony.
  • I have a dream that meditation becomes a topic taught in all schools.
  • I have a dream that people understand that if supernatural evil and demons did exist, our world would have been lost long ago.
  • I have a dream that we begin to accept that psychic abilities are inherent to our very existence.
  • I have a dream that mankind understand that Heaven and Hell do exist, in the here and now, as a state of mind.
  • I have a dream that mankind be united by love creating a Utopian planet, a veritable Shangri-La, where all are safe to thrive and express themselves as they see fit and have the opportunity to grow, thrive and die of old age.
  • I have a dream that every child born be loved and properly nourished physically, emotionally and Spiritually.

Are my dreams possible? You bet. In my lifetime, we’ll see. As I look at the Chapel twenty years in the future, I see our simple philosophy that reflects the Golden Thread of Truth being a Spiritual touchstone for people to use as they begin to consider spiritual alternatives to worldly problems. Below you will find my vision for making my dreams come true.

As an aside, didja know that December 24, 2022 is the Chapel’s Golden Anniversary?

That’s right, in seven short years will be celebrating 50 years of sharing a simple philosophy that works. It kinda gives ya goosebumps, doesn’t it? As time marches forward at an unrelenting pace, it will be here before we know it.

We are at an unprecedented time in the history of the World. Technology makes it possible for people beyond driving distance to the Encinitas to find and explore our philosophy and the Golden Thread of Truth we revere. You may be asking, why does this matter?

Because the why is clearly stated in the Chapel’s founding documents, “We invite all to study and learn with us in the attitude of seeking, finding, and using the Universal Laws which are the total answer to all the ills, dreams and aspirations of mankind.”

It’s our mission to ensure that “all” can find us. A noble goal whose time has come.

It’s my vision that the Chapel’s philosophy and teachings are available to all who are interested by December 24, 2022. Let’s get busy, 2022 is almost here!

What is your dream for the world? Share them in the comments below.



  1. Debbie Bernath says:

    I feel sorry that this person felt so tormented and attributes this pain to something outside themselves. Whether true or not, I have always felt comforted by the saying from Jesus that “nothing outside you can defile you”. There are no demons or outside powers that can affect you unless you welcome them in via your own mind.

    • I too was distraught by the level of this person’s pain brought about by their beliefs. It makes our job of making the Chapel’s teachings easily found and obtainable more urgent for me. Thanks for your support. RevT

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