Women Are Superior To Men Or Are They?

Since the dawn of mankind, men have dominated as leaders in the vast majority of cultures and societies. This leadership includes all areas where physical strength is important, including military leaders such as Generals, Shoguns, etc. There have always been rare anomalies to this role, but there are far more Napoleons and Alexander the Greats than Joan of Arcs. In virtually every society, men have dominated the political arena. In the United States, women weren’t allowed to vote until the last century, and every President has been male. Men have dominated in almost every other area, including religion. When you think of a rabbi, do you image a man or a woman? Are there any female mullahs in Islam? In Catholicism, women are barred from becoming priests.

women are uperior to men

There are two primary reasons for male dominated societies: 1. Men are bigger and stronger than women. They can run faster, throw a spear farther, fight better, etc. During the time of Paleolithic man, when hunting was critical for survival, men were better. 2. Women are mothers. Men can’t have babies or nurse an infant. In general, they don’t have the mothering skill instinct on a level that women possess, and that is required to raise tomorrow’s leaders.

I recently had the privilege of meeting a new guardian angel (protector guide), a strong lady that appeared one night during a class. She was calm, poised and said that she was an early leader of the Amazon tribe, compromised of all women. She gave us the following message:

“You know who I am. I have been here many times before. There is nothing stopping you from seeing me, and experiencing my beauty. Why can’t we be female? Why must we be male? Remember that there have been times on this great planet that female strength has been in play and in action. Females are most powerful when they work together because they are far more cooperative than males. And when an organization of females is produced it can be very powerful. There are certain requirements that must be executed and agreed to by all those who wish to be a part of the convening group.

“Of course everyone must put the welfare and good of the whole above their own selfish interests. This is very difficult for males to accomplish long term and especially in groups of over 100. Indeed, the only way it has survived in all-male groups of over 100 is when self-policing rules are established, and a body of policemen are organized and ordered to enforce the rules of the group. This is not a requirement if the group is all females. Females are far more sensitive as a general rule than males. women superior to menThis is easy to see if you look at the ratio of female to male students here going back to the beginning. You will see that on average females have outnumbered males always 1.5 times and sometimes two times the number of males. There have been a few occasions where females have outnumbered males by over three times. When the combined sensitivity and intuition are used collectively it is extremely powerful. I can remember many times when we would sit to discuss a particular problem, and as we sat in silence, the ideas began to be promulgated. From there a decisive and clear answer was always reached, for in most cases there was little attachment to the ideas, and an openness and acceptance of other ideas. In the event that this was not the case females were more easily trained than males. As a whole, they are more flexible, more willing to follow the rules, especially if there is clear benefit in doing so. Whereas often you will find resistance bordering on rebellion with males that make them much harder to position and maneuver. Males do not like to be lined up and disappear as a number in a crowd whereas females are much more likely to accept this, again if there is clear benefit. And after a short period of training the clear benefit is readily apparent, and if it is not the individual will choose to leave.

Women Are Superior To Men Or Are They?

“The problem with females is that they are less adept at leadership and organizational skills. This is, however, a great benefit if someone is willing to take the reins, for initially someone must lead. The unwillingness to step forward and raise your hand to lead is, I believe, a thing of beauty. It is truly selflessness and in almost every case a female’s resistance in doing this is because they do not wish to be perceived as a boastful braggart with a large heady ego who wishes to stand above and separate herself from others. That is not to say this does not occur, however again it is trainable and far more easily eliminated with females. As for me, I was an early member of the Amazon tribe. I was indeed a leader. I did not lead because I wished to lead. I lead because I had the capacity to do so and I could see things that needed to be laid out for the success of all. The betterment and empowerment of all concerned. There was some initial resistance to the rules most of which had loosely been practiced but which I formalized with the help of my peers. Chief among them was loyalty, and of course we formalized the conditions that were required in order to become a member of the Amazon. We deliberately made these conditions quite difficult, but another excellent quality of females is that they are usually more patient than men. They were not deterred knowing that it would take many years of study, practice, and demonstrated loyalty to our tribe. Our group swelled to numbers of several hundred and continued to grow rapidly which caused its undoing long after my time. You could say however that approximately 15-40 years after our rules were established that this was the golden era of the Amazon. Our numbers constantly fluctuated, but the ideal number was about 300. This was a sustainable number where we could provide for everyone involved, and there was no other group, village, or class of invaders willing to take us on at our location, which could happily be termed a fort. We of course in our heyday were quite psychic individuals who would regularly get still, step out of our bodies, and survey the surrounding area to see who was close, if any, and see what their intentions were. We became known as fierce warriors, and although we were it was not our intention to be so. We learned to be so simply as a means of survival and in self-defense. The days passed harmoniously, my friends. We lived good lives, healthy lives. I am here to bring back the beauty of the female. Do not forget her, she has much to offer a world running on testosterone. You may call me Amigayle, and I will be here with you, for there are very few avenues through which I can share the beauty of the female.

“My friends do not be afraid to take up the sword when it is necessary, especially when your survival and the well-being of all concerned hangs in the balance. And should you do so, know that in almost every case the glint of the shiny blade will be a most effective deterrent. Until we meet again, I will step back and let you continue as you were.”

This concluded my first encounter with Amigayle, who is a very impressive woman. In first world countries where physical strength isn’t a factor, women can choose not to have children and still lead meaningful lives. Their leadership roles are growing and will continue to grow. In civilized societies, women excel as leaders, and their contributions to mankind are valuable. This trend will continue as women now comprise 57% of college students in the United States (see graph below). Women excel in our modern culture and will continue to do so, making more and bigger contributions in the future.

The Chapel of Awareness is a Spiritual and Psychic Development School that is approximately 2/3 women. Sensitive women embrace the teachings and thrive in the loving environment. The classes teach everyone to become kinder to themselves, become ego-less, and experience the beauty of nature and people.



  1. Frances Webb says:

    Hi Don,

    I just forwarded this to the Grandmother’s Net, which as you know, is an organization/effort to bring greater balance to that “testosterone” Amigayle speaks of. I was personally amused the “greater than 100” observation!

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