How To Get Rid of Evil Spirits

As Spiritualists who train and develop psychics, mediums and healers a common misconception we to need address is that evil spirits intend to harm us. The bottom line is, evil spirits are not real. In fact, the devil and demons don’t exist either. If supernatural evil existed, it would have won out a long time ago.

If you have an unwanted Entity or Spirit around you, to get them to leave you alone, you must rebuke them and mean it. You can rebuke them in the form of a prayer as long as you truly want them gone and are directive and commanding in your demand that they leave. Getting rid of evil spirits is that simple.

evil spirits don't exist

Having said that, let’s look more closely at the topic of evil spirits and self-protection. Twice each year, we offer Introduction to Spiritualism Classes in Encinitas located in North San Diego County. During this 11 week series, we receive many questions like these:

  • How can I ward off evil spirits?
  • How can I protect myself from evil spirits?
  • How do I cast out evil spirits?
  • How do I fight evil spirits?
  • How to pray against evil spirits?
  • Are evil spirits real?

First let’s address the Golden Thread of Truth about “Evil Spirits”. Spirits, Angels, Entities and Ghosts do exist and can be seen and communicated with by the living. Each of these terms describes the same phenomenon, a being who has crossed over and is between lifetimes along their path to individual spiritual perfection.

In other words, every living thing in the Universe has a physical body and a spiritual body. When a living being dies, its spiritual body continues to exist on the “Spirit Side” until it reincarnates into another physical body. This process continues along the main line of physical evolution until the Spirit has reached Individual Spiritual Perfection. At which time the entity can release its energy back to the Universe to help mankind, entities who choose to help mankind are Avatars.

The only protection you need from evil spirits is the ability to control your mind.

Protect Yourself from Evil Spirits

Now we can look at why evil spirits exist. The answer is a matter of context. If you believe that evil entities and spirits exist, seeing an entity standing at the end of your bed at night can scare you. When in fact what happened is you simply saw a ghost. It’s our mind that makes an entity either good or evil. The only protection you need from evil spirits is the ability to control your mind.

Entities from time to time do act out. These entities are poltergeists who want to help emotionally disturbed teenagers express their anger and rage. These mischievous entities can act out what the teen wishes they could do. While these entities can be destructive, they will not harm anyone physically.

You may ask why an entity such as a poltergeist will not harm anyone. They are not allowed to. All entities on spirit-side must follow the law or prime directive of non-interference. Interference is deliberately causing someone to do something they would not do otherwise. Any entity who tries to bother or distract you will be stopped by more evolved entities, in no uncertain terms.

The real reason people are afraid of evil entities or spirits is fear. When something happens, that may or may not be caused by a disincarnate entity; they become afraid and begin to experience horrible thoughts and emotions that seem real. Our minds run amok creating experiences that seem quite real. While indeed the initial or triggering experience may have been seeing or hearing a Spirit Entity, the scary, and evil parts happen in the theater of our mind.

Please understand that this experience is very real when being experienced at the moment. Our minds are powerful and can bring about almost anything it believes to be true. Our mind’s ability to create vivid images is especially distracting when fear is running the show.

The foundation of our teachings at the Chapel of Awareness Spiritual and Psychic Development School is meditation. Meditation at its basic level of mastery quiets your emotions. By quieting or stilling your emotions, you can rid yourself of unwanted drama and distractions brought about by your uncontrolled mind.

The best protection from evil spirits or entities is a mind in control. Mental control is developed by mastering a stillness meditation practice. Once you have your mind in control and if you’re receptive to Spirit Communication, you will see that Spirits are not evil but unconditionally loving.



  1. I have found your article pretty conflicting. You write that their are no evil spirits, but then you go on to say that their is, and how to rebuke them, while they are around you.

    Where do you get this information? is this from your own experience?

    Miriam MIchaud

    • Hi Miriam,

      This is the information we teach at the Chapel which has been training and developing psychics, mediums and healers since 1972. The article reflects my personal experiences as a psychic-medium and one who has given Spiritual Readings and Counseling to many hundreds of people.

      “Evil” is defined as “profoundly immoral and malevolent” or “profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force”. Using this definition, I have never encountered a Spirit, Entity or Ghost with any of these characteristics.

      The most I have found is a playful or mischievous entity whose awareness does is not developed to a point where they realize they are distracting or interfering a living person. Should an entity of this type enter your life or vibration, simply rebuking them will have them out of your life.

      More often than not, I experience people who have scared themselves with the thoughts or ideas that what they experience is evil in nature. These individuals have been given bad advice or in some cases are mentally disturbed. This is a classic case of so you think, so you are. So you think will become, will become. If a person’s mind will not give up the idea that evil spirits do not exists, they will never free themselves of the torment.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Rev Terry

  2. Joan Woodward says:

    I have an evil entity attached to me, my grandfather. He had a 70 year history of abusing first our father who was his only child and then the 4 of us grandchildren. He lived to be 99. He would not let any of us have any life, took everything away from our father and then ruined all of our lives. He got far worse when our grandmother passed away and then began committing felonies against us, everytime I thought he could not get worse, he was only just getting started. He later turned all of my siblings against me for the rest of my life. I thought when he died, at least it finally is ended. I said finally he at least has one bad thing in his life, he is dead so he has bugs crawling on him. Instead, I picked up some type of parasite and have had bugs not only hatching out of me for over 2 years now, there is no cure for it, it’s a type of coinfection from Lyme Disease, I lost all my furnishings, clothes, my health, my life, my everything. I have signs my grandfather is right here. Wherever I live 1) there are always bugs, always, roaches, etc., 2) there is always a bird pooping at my front door, at my landing, and 3) he has my siblings saying his abuses to me, doing them to me. He is NOT dead. He was not even a human ever, he has to be very close to satan, and he came here to live the perfect life in the perfect country at the perfect time – from 1914 (the start of the invention of cars, of everything) and stayed until the collapse of the U.S. (which was 2008, he died in 2012.) He set this whole entire thing up just to come to earth for 100 years and live the perfect life. He was not ever ill, no one was ever mean to him and he had mentors all throughout his life. His own sisters and brothers did not due well in life, yet he magically had the perfect life. Now his grandchildren all aged 15 years in one year after he died, I end up dying off not ever having one day of life. I have the most nothing, horrible life ever yet I did nothing, I turned on no one, I have my soul, I did all the right things. This guy is a high up evil entity and he literally killed me off after he died. I can’t do ONE thing on my own behalf lest I get hammered with problems and abuse until I stop doing that one decent normal thing. I am being tortured to death and I want to know is there anyone out there who has ever heard of this and how in the hell do I get this asshole the hell off of me? I have been screaming for him to get off of me since I was 11 years old, I am 58 years old. Why can’t I have one day of live ever, be me ever, have my soul used for good works ever??? Why is he allowed to kill me and why didn’t god ever help me, and what in the hell is this guy?? What in the world is this???

    • Hi Joan,

      I am very sorry to hear of horrible things your grandfather perpetrated on you and your family. The level of physical and emotional distress is unimaginable to me. I can see in your comment the level of mental anguish you’re experiencing and that from what you describe things seem hopeless.

      I can only assure you that the entity who was your grandfather is not bothering you from the other side. Unfortunately, I am almost certain your are reliving the 45+ year nightmare that was your life with his abuse. Just as nightmares can be very real, so can reliving them.

      I can recommend two things: First, please seek professional help for trauma and PTSD. The healing process is very effective if you’re ready for the healing. Second, please consider starting a meditation practice. While meditation is a slow process, it has the best long term potential to allow you reconnect with that part of you that was hurt so long ago.

      Take good care and feel free to contact us through the website if you would like to have a conversation.

      Rev Terry

  3. Larry Parks says:

    This website is such crap! Spirits wether they be good or bad can in fact physically touch and harm the living. There are many documented cases of this happening, the movie The Entity is based off of a true account of a soma. Who was continuously raped by a ghost.

    • Hi Larry,

      I respect you opinion, but this is not our experience. I personally do not hold “Hollywood” movies the authority on anything except putting out entertainment at a profit (if they’re lucky) and I use the term entertainment loosely.

      It’s our opinion and experience that if the type of evil exists that was displayed in the movie “The Entity” that evil would have won out a long time ago. I stand by my recommendations in the article that should you feel any entity is bothering our interfering with you physically, emotionally or mentally that you rebuke them in no uncertain terms and they will be compelled to leave you alone.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Ok so at first i didnt believe in spirits now i do bc for some reason im being haunted and today i watched the movie ouija movie its now 12:54 pm and i tried closing my eyes and everything i saw in the movie i am seeing when i close my eyes. I feel lime some one is watching me every where i go no matter where i go. What can i do to get rid of what ever is around me

    • Rev Nell says:

      Good afternoon Cody,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. Fear is a very powerful emotion and it sounds like that movie touched on some sensitive areas. Remember, you are successful in the world in part because you have and active and creative mind, and remember also that movies are DESIGNED to scare the living daylights out of a person. Some folks enjoy the experience of being scared and eat it up like candy, the scarier the better! I’m a person who doesn’t enjoy that experience and there’s a whole raft of movies I’ve chosen never to see and will add that one to my list.

      I have over the last 30 years as a Minister and Teacher at the Chapel, communicated with perhaps 10,000 or more Spirits and have not met a ‘bad’ one yet. All have been loving, supportive, kind, sometimes funny and certainly compassionate. The very last thing they want to do is scare a person. What we teach our students about Spirits that make them uncomfortable (regardless of the reason) is to tell the Spirit to leave and never come back. You have to be certain and definitive … and Spirit MUST obey you. Thank you,

      Rev. Nell Smith, Senior Minister


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