Dark Circles / Séance – Thursday, May 14

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  • 10:30 AM (doors open at 10:00 AM).
  • 7:30 PM (doors open at 7:00 PM).
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Each class cost is $8.00 and the topics include:

  1. General Intro & Spiritual Law/Karma (The Rules of the Game)
  2. Evolution – Part 1 (How you got to where you are)
  3. Evolution – Part 2 (Spiritual Evolution and Reincarnation)
  4. Duality of Man (The essence of our existence)
  5. Auras (How to see them. How they really work.)
  6. Vibrations (How we get things done)
  7. Meditation (The essential tool in your Spiritual Development)
  8. Spiritual-Evolution – Reincarnation & Spirit communication
  9. Healing (Learn to heal yourself and others)
  10. Mind of Man (What you can do, not do, and affect change in your life)
  11. Aports/Teleports, Dark Circles & Next Steps

This series is for anyone interested in learning more about the various aspects of, and interrelationships between, the seen and unseen worlds. Whether you’re seeking your own personal development or to become an ordained minister, the Beginning Lecture Series is prerequisite to our Continuing Study Classes and small group work.