Stop Putting Things Off That You Plan To Do. by Rev. Larr

Before you talk yourself out of doing something beautiful…

Ask yourself. Why can’t I do it right now.

Stop deliberately talking yourself out of things

  • Tomorrow may be too late
  • Now is all there is.

sunday talk podcast by rev larr - stop putting things off

In our “Christian Nation” only use the New Testament and Jesus’ directions to us as guidance.

  • You will be known by your works…
  • Go into your own closet. Close the door. Be unto yourself.
  • Heaven is within you.
  • Light your light and put it on a hill.
  • Love ye one another as I have loved you
  • If you’re offended, rebuke him and turn the other cheek.
    • Let it go.

Do those things that make your life beautiful and help others along the way.

Great masters did not lay out rules, limitations, restrictions. You’re in control.

  • Gautama Buddha: You are on the wheel of Dharma. Control self, know self
  • Muhammad: Be true unto yourself and you can harm no one
  • Dalia Lama: If you can’t love them, at least don’t hurt them.

Worry does nothing to help, only harm. Start today making your life better.

  • Harmony? Doing things right.
  • Love yourself.
    • Learn and love.
    • Be self-compassionate.
    • Practice Self-acceptance.
    • Learn to Trust yourself.
    • Be truthful with yourself.
  • Slow down. Make today something beautiful.
    • Deliberately decide what you’re going to remember.
  • Stop worrying.
    • Worry upsets the system, causing disharmony and may very well lead to cancer.
  • You are in control
    • Choose to bring about beautiful things.
    • Stop wallowing in it.
    • Stop being karma drama queens.
    • We all find loopholes, don’t kid yourself.

Create beauty, love, harmony, peace and beauty and you will attract the same.

Sum up the beauty from the day every day and create a beautiful life for yourself.



  1. Karen Gammeter says:

    I really needed this information right now. I have recently started making big changes in my life and with meditation and Jesus words it gives me the strength to continue toward the happiness that we want and deserve.

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