That’s Not What Jesus Said. By Rev. Gene Larr

Learn to be a medium and ask Jesus if he really said it

Old Testament, too many things that are an abomination before God.

Religion is meant to keep the power in the hands of the priesthood.
rev larrs sunday talks - that's not what jesus said
Red Riding Hood – Angry Wolf

  • Books that refer back to themselves, self-referential

Bible studies

  • Lamsa bible – direct English of Aramaic text
    • Earliest text 100-150 AD.
    • Pashada Text – 700 ad
    • In aramaic
  • Cast a stone story added in 1100 ad
  • KJV: translations of translations 9 times deep.
  • 6 parallel versions of the new testament
    • Jersuluem bible
    • Clark’s commentary on the holy bible
      • Matt 12:24
        • Camel eye of needle
        • Camel = rope
  • Only study Matt, Mark and John.
    • Luke was Paul’s secretary.
      • Paul never knew jesus.
  • John 21:4
    • Difference between fish & meat

Translation of a papyrus discovered in late 1960’s

  • Written 100-150 AD
  • The earliest known fragment
  • It’s not in the bible

Learning a sense of value. Self-value. Know yourself more. Put into practice (Do the things that I do.) Whosoever knows himself, the son of the living God.


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