Podcast: Open Your Eyes That You May See

Man is evolving to homo novous – the totally aware human being when you shall walk the earth like gods.

open your eyes



  1. Debbie Bernath says:

    I only was able to view or download 7 secs

    • Thanks for letting me know Debbie. It should be working now… Let me know otherwise. Cheers, Terry

      • My thanks to everyone who had a hand in bringing this and hopefully many more recordings of Dr. Larr’s talks back to “life”. It is my first time hearing a high quality recording of one of his talks, and I am grateful to have had this chance to hear Gene speak and hear his precision and economy of words while still transmitting the full power and insight of his lecture. I hope that there are many more gems to be mined from the Chapel’s archives. It is a real treat to listen to this and I recommend it highly.

        • You’re welcome Dave. Gene’s magical ability to say so much in so little time is something I aspire to accomplish. My ability to communicate is bloated and verbose in comparison.

          Yes, we indeed have many more recordings being resurrected from our archives. Most Sunday talks will be publicly available and other recording from our school will be available to our active students in our online school (soon to be launched.)

          Take good care,

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