On December 24, 1970

Rev. Eugene C. Larr received a message from an individual in spirit regarding what was to happen in the future that would change the lives of many people for years to come. He was given instructions so explicit they included names of persons then unknown to him, as well as addresses, telephone numbers, and dates.

He was instructed to contact certain of these persons, resulting in their interest and entry into the classes he was then teaching privately in his home in Encinitas. These people were later to be instrumental in the establishment of the Chapel; for in December of 1973, one year after its opening, the Chapel was freed from debt through their generosity. Our depth of gratitude will always remain for these gracious individuals who truly helped the Chapel along its path — Constant and Lucille Sudbury.

In June, 1972

Rev. Larr was again instructed to form his own church and to conduct its first service on December 24 — Christmas Eve — of that same year. With the nucleus of these students, the instructions were followed. The organization was to be called the Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church and would be housed in a simple, yet very adequate building formerly used by the Methodist Church. Its location was to be on the corner of Third and “E” Street in Encinitas, California.

On Christmas Eve, December 24, 1972

The Chapel of Awareness opened its doors for its first service, conducted that night by Rev. Larr. The establishment of a church in such a short span of time seemed improbable, and at times impossible to Rev. Larr. Yet all fell into place just as the entity who had given him the instructions — Tau Sing — knew it would.

In early 1973

A corporation was formed, known as the Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church Corporation, which would govern all the Chapel’s activities. With the combined efforts of the Board members, the State Charter was obtained, and the Chapel became a corporate entity with its own by-laws.

The year 1974 brought forth great accomplishments. In addition to being incorporated in the State of California, the Chapel obtained its National Charter — issued in Washington D.C. — in August of that year.

Since 1972

The Chapel of Awareness has ordained 24 Ministers and 6 Healers. Many of these people have elected to travel separate paths, along parallel lines, to form their own organizations for the enlightenment of humankind.

Many of the individuals at the Chapel have come from far and near. Over 9,000 students have passed through its doorways to experience for themselves the development of awareness that enriches and makes more fulfilling their everyday lives.

Many found themselves re-evaluating some, perhaps previously cherished, beliefs to embrace a Golden Thread that weaves a tapestry representing a “new” spiritually based philosophy free from human dogma.

Yet it is not new; its threads trace through humankind’s history, the great truths — simple and few in number — that were repeated from culture to culture and given by the great teachers from century to century. All said essentially the same thing to ears that would hear and eyes that would see.

This is the great dream

Of the enlightenment of humankind; that each may learn for him or herself through their own experience, so they may know. For we are what we would dream to be, and more so than in our wildest imagination.

Many have been so touched with knowing, and knowing that they KNOW. And with clear sight, clear hearing and feeling, they touch others profoundly with a hand gloved with love.

We stand on the threshold of a Great Age, an Age of Love, Compassion and Understanding; ushered into our dawning awareness as we explore the new dawn, together.