Rev. Terry Hall


Rev Terry Hall

Reverend Terry Hall is available for private Spiritual & Psychic Readings, Spiritual Counseling and Advice, Healings, and is a wedding officiant.

In addition to being a Medium, Healer, and Teacher at the Chapel of Awareness, Terry is a Spiritual Business Coach and Professional Speaker.

Terry is a medium for change. He helps you discover the “expert within” and start living a self-reliant, self-referential, and self-sufficient life, regardless of what life is throwing at you in the moment.

Terry has a diverse business background with experience as a Real Estate Broker, Internet and Web Consultant (Terry is the webmaster for the Chapel’s website), Wholesale Bakery Management, Engineer, and Sales Professional. The common denominator in Terry’s professional life has been his caring approach to help people learn and understand the goals process, and to discover their true motivations.

Terry is married to wife Amy who is an Online Business and E-mail Consultant. They are grandparents and are planning to through-walk the Appalachian Trail in 2020.

As for other interests, Terry is all over the board. He is a cultured food foodie. He has participated in Landmark Education from the Landmark Forum through the Seminar Leader Program. It was during his time as a coach at Landmark Education that Terry discovered his unique ability to combine razor-sharp intuition with an unwavering commitment to your having what you say you want, to create solutions, and to clear pathways to the life you want.