Rev. Louise Morin

Louise was born in Spokane, Washington. Her father was in the Air Force eventually leading the family to Las Vegas, Nevada where she met and married her husband Neil in 1966. Neil was in the service as well, and as service families do, they did a fair amount of traveling. They lived in Wisconsin, Michigan, Oregon, Southern California, Las Vegas, and ended up in California. When her husband passed away in 2002 she returned to California to be near her children. She enjoys living in Encinitas, with the abundance of spiritual energy here, watching the sunrise and sunsets, and enjoying all the community has to offer. She has five wonderful children, four girls and one boy, and they have given her ten beautiful grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and helping them on their spiritual pathway, and always ready to help others when they are in need. “The giving and receiving of love we are all learning”.

Louise started at Chapel in 2005, and was Ordained in 2015. She is the 26th Minister ordained at Chapel. She has served on Chapel boards, Helping Chapel to evolve in Harmony. She enjoys participating in Chapel’s Sunday services, giving healings, teaching classes, giving readings, and helping others progress on their spiritual pathways.